About us

CIPEXI SA succeeded the “Compagnie Commerciale Hollando Africaine” – CCHA, a Dutch company that was established in Côte d’Ivoire in 1956. CCHA itself was the daughter company of another Dutch company in Africa called CONTINAF. The main activity of CCHA was to export coffee, cocoa, copra and palm nut. After a few years, they discontinued exporting copra and palm nut and coffee within a year.

In 1971, CCHA was split in two (2) independent companies: CIPEXI (exporting firm) and HOLLANDO (importing firm). Over the years, Hollando imported general goods. It also became a shareholder in companies operating in different industries (such as the textile industry, in 1967, with SOTEXI), in addition to dealing in raw coffee and cocoa.

As for CIPEXI SA, the activities have exclusively evolved around dealing in cocoa and coffee. CIPEXI has developed close commercial ties with NEDCOFFEE (for coffee) and CONTINAF (for cocoa), which are all part of the AMTRADA holding based in Amsterdam, Holland.

CIPEXI SA is senior among the firms dealing in coffee and cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire to this date. It has been in the sector for over 50 years. CIPEXI SA outlasted all the companies that have operated in this sector. It was already in the field when all the other coffee and cocoa exporting companies were established. The solidity and experience of CIPEXI in the coffee and cocoa sector are unequalled.

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